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How to teach the digital generation
How to Teach the Digital Generation?

We often hear people talk about their toddlers and how well they are equipped to deal with smart devices. They learn, grasp, and comprehend the learning of such devices effortlessly. The kids these days have their lives revolved around screens, information, and speed. The students of the 21st generation can be called digital learners or […]

In-depth Analysis of Transdisciplinary And Interdisciplinary Approaches In Teaching

Approaches to teaching and learning that are transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary provide opportunities to approach the same subject from various discipline viewpoints. So let’s talk about what transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches are in detail. What is transdisciplinary learning? Students can use transdisciplinary learning to make connections between several academic disciplines while examining a pertinent concept, issue, […]

Why Adequate Sleep Is Important For Students

Life of a student is riddled with assignments, examinations, classes, tuition, extracurricular activities, homework, etc. In the midst of it all, it might seem like there aren’t enough hours in a day to complete everything and still have time to relax with friends and family.  The mounting due dates can make any student wonder how […]