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Role of Schools in making the children motivated towards their Prime Goal

A school is one of the most crucial organizations that play a really important role in the life of every child. The role of scholastic education has been of immense value in deciding the fate of various nations and has been a topic of research since ages. A teacher has a meaningful impact on the […]

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Advantages of a Digital Campus in the school

The modern world came with huge technological makeovers for many things; in fact almost everything. From homes to offices and from schools to colleges; from hotels to restaurants and from Government to Private Offices, everything has become digital and become better in the process. With the digital makeover of the offices, the schools also joined […]

Benefits of Personalized and Activity-based Education in Schools

Gone are the times when all the schools used to teach only a single curriculum and had almost similar books and of course, a similar set of teaching techniques. These days, schooling has undergone a revolution and experienced a huge makeover in the wake of modern times and technological advancements. Every day new researches are […]

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The school environment really matters your child’s overall development

School is one of the most crucial role players in the development of every child. From the environment to the educational method; from the teachers to the counsellors; from the infrastructure to the educational aids used to teach students and the promotion of co-curricular and physical development are some things that determine the ability of a school. […]

Difference between CBSE and IGCSE schools

If you have been having sleepless nights and troubled days for hunting the best Schools in Kerala for your children, so as to give them a wonderful start for their careers; if you have picked up some schools from among many and are calculating the pros and cons of CBSE and IGCSE boards, then stop […]