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Effective Relaxation Exercises for Students in Managing Stress

Relaxation techniques are highly effective to cope with stress. It is more than just having fun or doing something you enjoy. Relaxation is a strategy for minimising stress’s detrimental effects on the mind and body. Students face stress and competitions while taking challenging classes, in their extracurricular participation, preparing for higher studies, and making life-changing […]

How to Develop the Quality of Rationality & Logical Analysis in Children

The children of today are more developed than previous generations in all aspects of life. Their curiosity for learning, their ability to absorb information on a much bigger scale and their reasoning skills are far more advanced than their predecessors.  Experiences and reality play a huge role in the development of critical thinking and logical […]

How to Improve Collaboration, Communication, Creative and Critical Thinking (4 C’s) in Students?

The values that children of today learn from their previous generations are what makes them civic citizens of tomorrow. Be it from home or school, children imbibe the learnings that their surroundings have to offer. Suffice to say, the onus is on parents and teachers to ensure children are moulded into well rounded human beings.  […]

Improve Memory & Concentration for Your Child
Effective Ways to Improve Memory & Concentration for Your Child

Memory and concentration are pivotal for children as it is a growing age and their whole future and career revolve around it. Technology has shortened the attention span of children as well as adults’ considerably. Both the categories find it hard to focus on something for more than a couple of minutes or an hour. […]

What Parents Should Know When Considering A School Change

We face various kinds of changes and challenges at different facets of our lives. Being prepared and adjusting to the change is what helps us move forward. For a child, one of the biggest and possibly unsettling changes that they may face in their young lives would be a school change. Being uprooted from a […]