how to choose preschool
Things to Look Before Choosing a Preschool for Your Child

Preschools are the first steps to education for a child. It turns out to be a matter of concerns for a parent to find the best preschool for their kid. The learning atmosphere, quality of the teachers at the preschool or nursery, the facilities available and the factors affecting a child’s mental and physical growth […]

Tips for improving the quality of education in primary schools | TIST,Thrissur
10 Tips for improving quality of education in primary schools.

If you are an owner of a primary school, then you will have to constantly look after the fact that the school should always upgrade the quality of education. If the quality of education has to be upgraded, then the teachers imparting education should also be trained and updated with the latest technologies. If you […]

Advantages of technology integration in schools-TIST,Thrissur
Advantages of Technology Integration in Schools

The use of technology was earlier very common in colleges. In the past six years, a lot of schools have started incorporating technology in the teaching procedure. In this world of globalization, one cannot do without technological advancements even in the schools. Let us go through a few advantages of integrating technology in schools.  Major […]

Top 10 tips to create a successful school routine | TIST ,Thrissur
Top 10 Tips to Create a Successful School Routine

School time is the most important time of our lives, the place where we enjoy as well as learn. This experience stays with us forever and becomes a part of our personality. But to fully utilize and enjoy these great days we need to plan, or these sweet novel experiences transform into nightmares of morning […]

Importance of Preschool Activities for Enhancing the Quality of Learning in Kids

Educating one’s child is the priority of every parent out there. From the moment a child is born, parents start planning about how to teach him all facts essential for survival. As the child grows, informing him things at home does not suffice. It becomes necessary for him to attend schools to understand and learn […]