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Importance of STEAM Education in High School
Importance of STEAM Education in High School

The child’s education is a confusing arena for most parents. The stream they choose will decide how their future is going to be. More often than not, parents force their child to select a specific stream against the kid’s choice. It will have a negative effect on them and they might underperform during the course. […]

How Can We Help Kids Cope With 'eco-Anxiety'
How Can We Help Kids Cope With ‘eco-Anxiety’?

Anxiety is a common problem among both children and adults. It was only anxiety about one’s future, education, dreams, and goals. Although eco-anxiety is a long-existing phenomenon, it became widely apparent a couple of decades ago. Media reports have an undeniable role in elevating eco-anxiety among people. The health of the environment has an irrefutable […]

How to teach the digital generation
How to Teach the Digital Generation?

We often hear people talk about their toddlers and how well they are equipped to deal with smart devices. They learn, grasp, and comprehend the learning of such devices effortlessly. The kids these days have their lives revolved around screens, information, and speed. The students of the 21st generation can be called digital learners or […]

How can you promote language development in children
How Can You Promote Language Development in Children?

A child’s brain develops rapidly in the first three years of life. This period is when children are most receptive to new experiences and are at their peak for learning a new language. By exposing your child to new things and activities, you can stimulate their language development. Including your child in daily activities also […]

Competitiveness in Education: Good or Bad?
Competitiveness in Education: Good or Bad?

Competition in schools is an issue that teachers and parents feel very strongly about. Some think it’s bad because it hurts students’ self-esteem and worries them more about school. Then some think it is not only good for students but also crucial to their education. But if you look closely and think about it, you […]