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How does a Positive Parent-Teacher Relationship Contribute to a Child’s School Success?

Parents are the ones who take care of the kids at home and are their first teachers. The foundation of any kid’s knowledge is laid down at home itself. As a child grows, he is then shifted to a school so that he understands the value of education as well as adjusts to the social […]

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Support Your Children Through the Right Kind of Education

Not many parents realize the power they have over their children. Most parents associate parenting with control. They do not openly acknowledge it, but their parenting ways have a lot to do with wielding control over almost all aspects of their children’s lives.   Parenting should never be about control. It should be about giving the […]

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A Classroom For The Future – New Methods to Teach Children

Since the advancement of technology, it has touched every field to enhance it. The same can also be said for the education industry. The advancement of technology has opened a new arena in the learning domain. The education system has advanced immensely over the past few years. The traditional idea of teaching a subject blindly […]

Interactive learning in schools – The most powerful learning method

It is a very old saying that good quality interaction is something that benefits both the parties. Therefore, some of the good schools in around are adopting interactive learning approaches, that, when combined with the digital learning aids and techniques, become a powerful tool for teaching as well as knowledge acquiring. In fact, interactive learning […]

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Benefits of Digital Learning in Schools

Gone are the days when classroom teaching used to be a dull affair that comprised of one tutor addressing to a class full of 30 to 40 students; a scenario in which the learners were just not motivated enough and the tutor just wanted to complete the syllabus. With the availability of highly modern and […]