Baking & Cookery Sessions

Learning how to cook is a survival skill. Irrespective of the gender, knowing how to cook will help the kids in the future when they start living on their own. Culinary skills and baking skills are fun to learn and can also be a stress reliever without the age concern. Cooking can also bring and enhance the problem solving skills and creative skills of students.

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Developing culinary skills

No matter where you are, you must eat! However, turning this necessity into something enjoyable is a true skill, and students master this through these baking & cooking classes. While non-flame cooking is taught to students in an age-appropriate fashion as part of the curriculum, baking is a compulsory activity for kids from Grade 5 onwards. Our in-house experts use both local and international recipes and care is taken to ensure all students are given a chance to get a hands-on experience. From Grade 9 onwards, students can build on their skill set and get advanced training in baking.

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