Sporting Activities

Engaging in regular sports activities can also keep the students fit and be more reactive to their surroundings. Incorporating games and sport activities will ensure teamwork, friendship, and overall development. Social skills and team-building can be two important features of taking active part in sports and athletic activities. 

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There is more to sports than just learning how to play a particular game. Physical activity stimulates growth and leads to better physical and emotional health. It helps students in the development of self-esteem and self-worth. More importantly, it cultivates a sense of friendliness, sportsmanship, and team spirit. As students learn more, rigorous training sessions are held that focus on tactics and on enhancing performance through advanced skills. Games are a part of the school timetable, scheduled to take place twice a week. Yoga and Karate are mandatory for all students.

Here is the list of sporting activities available on the TIST campus.

  • Basketball
  • Skating
  • Badminton
  • Volleyball
  • Football
  • Cricket 
  • 200-meter track
  • Yoga
  • Karate
  • Chess & Carom
  • Table Tennis

Upcoming facilities

  • Squash
  • Water Polo
  • Rock Climbing
  • Horse Riding
  • Swimming

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