Inclusive Education

Our inclusive program supports each child in accomplishing their goals, at their own pace. We believe in identifying the innate potential of each child and honing these abilities while looking for the hidden interests of the child.

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Appreciating the uniqueness of each child

We believe that every child is unique and no two learners are alike. They vary in their physiological, psychosocial, and cognitive makeup. Hence, it is natural that they react differently to their environment and learn differently. Although it is important to follow social norms, it is unlikely that anyone can fit into one rigid mold. 

The Extra miles cell provides personal education plans to every student. Students are placed in this program based on detailed observations, past records, and feedback from class teachers. Referrals are made for further testing, should learning needs be identified during the school year. Regular communication with the student support team and the parents takes place to monitor each and every student’s progress. A trained team of school counselors and special educators provide the necessary support to bring the desired improvement. 


Course Highlights

  • Confidence-building
  • Responsibility & ownership
  • Reflective thinking
  • Innovative thinking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Digital Literacy
  • Leadership skills
  • Creativity and Imagination
  • Global Citizenship
  • Motor Skills

Our Approach

Our integrated approach puts the student at the forefront. A learner-centric environment that allows children to enjoy experiences that develop their confidence, resilience, creativity, and readiness for the unseen. While working with children with special needs, we keep in mind the best interest of each child, which is based on critical assessment and identification of the needs of each child. 

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