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Specialised school clubs are a great way to encourage students to work together as a team and enhance their skill sets. Our clubs give students the autonomy to manage and lead each club’s activities, thus helping them develop their leadership skills, all while engaging in and learning new skills. Students from all the grades are allotted to different clubs and they get the opportunity to be a part of each club every 6 weeks. This will allow them to understand their strengths and work on it.

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Based on verbal-linguistic intelligence, the club is intended for students who love words and use them as a primary way of thinking and solving problems. They are good writers, speakers, or both. The aim is to work on problem-solving, abstract reasoning, and working memory by using words to persuade, argue, entertain, and/or teach.


Based on logical-mathematical intelligence, the club is for students who enjoy working with numbers and can easily interpret data and analyse abstract patterns. These children have a well-developed ability to reason and are good at chess and computer programming. They think in terms of cause and effect. The club aims to develop methodical thinking and build logical or linear reasoning.


Based on spatial intelligence, the club is meant for students who think and process information in pictures and images. They have excellent visual receptive skills and excellent fine motor skills. Students with this intelligence use their eyes and hands to make artistic or creatively designed projects. They can build with Legos, read maps, and put together 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzles. The club aims to help students perceive, analyse, and understand visual information in the world around them.


Based on bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, the club is perfect for students who are highly aware of the world through touch and movement. There is a special harmony between their bodies and their minds. They can control their bodies with grace, expertise, and athleticism.

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