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Healthy Meal Plans To Follow For Kids

If you’re a parent, you know how difficult it is to persuade your picky youngster to drink a glass of flavour-enhanced milk, sneak in nutritious veggies in recipes, and force them to consume fruits or scold them into eating another. The fight isn’t over yet. To keep their bowel motions robust, make sure they drink […]

Importance of Developing Self-regulation Skills for Students

Self-regulation can be termed as self-control as well. It is the ability of a person to control oneself during the unforeseen and unexpected turn of events. People possessing the trait of self-regulation can behave positively when subjected to a negative situation, remain optimistic at every juncture of life, and control their thoughts to continue the […]

Daily Home Workouts to Boost Kids Physical and Mental Health

Online education has become the new normal nowadays. The sad fact is that the kids are missing out on the chance to interact with their classmates and play along.  This unforeseen scenario has been snatching away the environment in schools that are designed to nourish them and enhance their physical and mental growth. The kids […]

Top 10 Ideas To Help Your Child Get More Organised

Toys strewn across the floor, table and bed in disarray, books and pencils missing…does this scene remind you of your house? Where there are children in the house, this might be a common occurrence. Children are generally not considered to be the most organised bunch. But the good news is, it does not always have […]

Top 20 Must Read Classic Books for Kids

Reading is the best way to see the world without moving an inch. We must guide our kids to the path of reading by giving them the best books to read. Reading has a proven effect on a child’s growth and development. It will: Nourish the brain and enhance the development Create inquisitiveness Improve memory […]