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How to Teach Time Management Skills to Kids

“Hey, get up.” “Hurry up, get ready.” “Come on, the school bus is at the gate.” Do these dialogues ring a bell? This is the everyday morning conversation, in most of the homes with school-going children. The hurry-burry is a normal scene at the homes. You can reduce at least a major part of it […]

Benefits of Learning a Second language at an Early Age

Pre-schooling and nursery are the initial periods of learning and brain development. As it is known, the right time to nurture cognitive skills in children. Learning a new language, a second language, at this age would be a catalyst for enhancing their thought process. The learning experience would not only make them strong in that […]

How to Setup a Productive Study Space For Your Child’s Online Class

The nation is proceeding with a full-fledged vaccination drive to reduce the possibility of a third wave of COVID-19.  Homeschooling and online classes would be the only option until the fear of the pandemic is eradicated completely. Ensuring a comfortable study space is the only thing a parent can think of, at this juncture. The […]

Right Food & Nutrition For Children During COVID 19
Right Food & Nutrition For Children During COVID 19

Parents must ensure that the child’s immunity remains strengthened during this pandemic period. Providing them with a healthy diet must be of paramount importance. Besides, keeping them active and motivated through indoor games and activities. We should select the right food and nutrition to maintain their energy level and inner strength high. Micronutrients also need […]

Strategies To Enhance Students’ Participation In A Virtual Classroom

Online classrooms have become the new normal in every corner of the world. The virtual classrooms necessitate the teachers to have exceptional teaching tact to ensure that the students remain attentive and deliver classes effectively. Without this, the classes may turn ineffective. Moreover, the parents may complain that the classes haven’t been proper and their […]