Jul 26 , 2023

What is Helicopter Parenting?

Every parent wants the best for their children, so it makes sense to take every opportunity to make your life easier. But some parents go even further in providing care, calling it "helicopter parenting."



At The International School of Thrissur, educators and staff aim to strike a balance between nurturing a supportive environment and encouraging students' independence, discouraging the negative effects associated with helicopter parenting. Helicopter parenting takes many forms, such as closely monitoring a teenager's homework or closely supervising a young child's bike rides. Contrary to popular belief, this parenting style can start early and continue throughout adulthood. It doesn't just influence teenagers and college students. Let's look at how helicopter parenting seems at various ages.


Overprotection by trying to prevent every small fall or taking away dangers that are reasonable for the child's age.

Never let the youngster play alone, and watch over them at all times.

Instead of letting the child grow at their own rate, frequently ask the preschool teacher for progress updates.

Discouraging developmentally appropriate independence and relying on constant intervention from parents.

Primary Schooling:

Arguing with administrators that a particular teacher should be hired because you think they will be the best fit for the student

Choose the child's peers rather than letting them make their own social relationships.

Enrolling the child in activities without taking their interests and suggestions into account

Performing the schoolwork and projects on their behalf impedes their children’s personal development and problem-solving abilities.

Teenage Years And Beyond:

Restricting the child's autonomy by placing limitations on age-appropriate options and decisions.

Excessive involvement in their schoolwork and extracurricular activities as a means of protecting themselves from failure or disappointment.

Instead of empowering the child to accept responsibility, parents interfere by contacting the student's college lecturer about poor marks.

Getting involved in arguments between friends, coworkers, or employers hinders the child from developing independence and essential conflict-resolution skills.

What Benefits Do Helicopter Parents Provide?

It's hard to say whether helicopter parenting is beneficial.

It may be useful in some way, usually for the parents. According to research, parents who play a significant role in their children’s lives tend to report feeling happier and more satisfied.

However, the benefits of helicopter training may not always be beneficial to children.

While some parents turn their children on for help, other research suggests that this behavior can be detrimental to a child’s development, especially in academic settings and during adolescence.

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What Consequences Does Helicopter Parenting Have?

Helicopter training can have detrimental impacts on children, such as low self-esteem and confidence, even though some parents may believe it is beneficial.

As kids get older, their inability to handle problems and make their own decisions might cause them to doubt themselves and their abilities. This leads to anxiety and distress, as well as a persistent feeling of inadequacy.

Furthermore, because their demands are regularly met, children raised with entitlement issues are more likely to believe they deserve special favors. When confronted with the realities of the world, it might induce a profound awakening.

Some children may react rudely or violently when they believe their parents have too much control over their lives. Furthermore, a lack of exposure to failure or disappointment during formative years might result in a lack of conflict resolution skills and insufficient ways to cope.

In general, helicopter parenting can be damaging to a child's emotional health and ability to deal with difficulties.

How To Avoid Helicopter Parenting

Consider the following methods to avoid helicopter parenting and boost your child's freedom:

Think long-term: Think about how helicopter parents can affect children’s futures. You have to decide if you want your child to learn valuable life skills or rely on you to solve problems.

Encourage autonomy: If your child can handle a situation on their own, resist the urge to intervene and help. Encourage children to go through the process of tying their shoes, cleaning their rooms, and choosing clothes.

Foster decision-making: Let your child make suitable age choices, such as selecting extracurricular activities or hobbies for elementary-aged children and giving older children the freedom to choose their classes.

Promote conflict resolution: Instead of getting involved in your child's disagreements with friends, co-workers, or bosses, teach them essential skills to resolve conflicts on their own. While offering them assistance and advice, encourage them to come up with their own answers.

Embrace failure: Although it can be challenging, allow your child to experience failure. These experiences teach resilience and coping mechanisms in the face of disappointment, whether it be not making the sports team or not getting into the college of their choice.

Teach life skills: Give your child necessary life skills, such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, face-to-face interaction, and effective communication with teachers. With the help of these abilities, they may approach the challenges of maturity.

You may find a balance between being a caring, involved parent and encouraging your child's independence by putting these methods into practice. Parents are frequently apprised of positive as well as negative changes in their children. Considering the reality that when children get more mature, they frequently try to hide things from their parents as much as possible, However, parents go far and wide to supervise their children’s activities.

Create a Growth Mindset 

Remember that learning is a lifelong process for both you and your children as you navigate the parenting journey. Allow yourself to grow and evolve with them. If you're unsure about a new parenting method, don't be hesitant to seek guidance and assistance. Request assistance from other parents while staying open-minded and neutral. Making contact with the parents of your child's peers can provide you with valuable information about age-appropriate expectations and boundaries.

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Every parent has a unique approach to parenting and discipline. Recognize that there are numerous effective choices, and it is important to understand the differences. When it comes to avoiding helicopter parenting, it's essential to encourage autonomy and decision-making even during the pre-primary school years. Allow your child to explore and learn through play, and resist the urge to excessively intervene in their activities. Instead, foster a growth mindset and promote independence by letting them make age-appropriate choices and face challenges with your support and guidance. Your relationship with your child will be strengthened if you can strike the perfect balance between open communication, moderate supervision, and suitable guidance.

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Online classrooms have become the new normal in every corner of the world. The virtual classrooms necessitate the teachers to have exceptional teaching tact to ensure that the students remain attentive and deliver classes effectively. Without this, the classes may turn ineffective. Moreover, the parents may complain that the classes haven’t been proper and their child couldn’t follow the topics.

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Right Food & Nutrition For Children Duri...

Parents must ensure that the child’s immunity remains strengthened during this pandemic period. Providing them with a healthy diet must be of paramount importance. Besides, keeping them active and motivated through indoor games and activities. We should select the right food and nutrition to maintain their energy level and inner strength high. Micronutrients also need to be considered for reinforcing their health quotient.

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The nation is proceeding with a full-fledged vaccination drive to reduce the possibility of a third wave of COVID-19. Homeschooling and online classes would be the only option until the fear of the pandemic is eradicated completely. Ensuring a comfortable study space is the only thing a parent can think of, at this juncture. The study space must be productive, to prevent distractions. Having an active nature, even a mild noise can distract them easily. Follow the tips we discuss here to set up a productive study space for your child’s online class.

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Pre-schooling and nursery are the initial periods of learning and brain development. As it is known, the right time to nurture cognitive skills in children. Learning a new language, a second language, at this age would be a catalyst for enhancing their thought process. The learning experience would not only make them strong in that particular language but also would aid in overall development.

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“Hey, get up.” “Hurry up, get ready.” “Come on, the school bus is at the gate.” Do these dialogues ring a bell? This is the everyday morning conversation, in most of the homes with school-going children. The hurry-burry is a normal scene at the homes. You can reduce at least a major part of it if you teach time management to your child/ children.

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Self-regulation can be termed as self-control as well. It is the ability of a person to control oneself during the unforeseen and unexpected turn of events. People possessing the trait of self-regulation can behave positively when subjected to a negative situation, remain optimistic at every juncture of life, and control their thoughts to continue the stride towards his or her aim in life.

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Healthy Meal Plans To Follow For Kids

If you’re a parent, you know how difficult it is to persuade your picky youngster to drink a glass of flavour-enhanced milk, sneak in nutritious veggies in recipes, and force them to consume fruits or scold them into eating another. The fight isn’t over yet. To keep their bowel motions robust, make sure they drink enough water each day. With so much on their plates (literally!), moms may overlook several nutritious items that should be included in their children’s meals. The nutritional requirements of your child are decoded here!

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Parents learn about the significance of internet safety for their children from a variety of sources, from news channels that are never short of tales regarding children and online predators and local authorities constantly warning parents about children’s safety in this tech-savvy era. These occurrences are raising worries among parents about their children’s internet safety and privacy.

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It is important for a student to have a smooth and easy relationship with a teacher in order to ace in academic life. Often a negative experience with a teacher deeply affects a student’s ability to learn that subject. It kills the interest in the subject leading to poor scores and overall performance.

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10 Effective Tips to Raise a Self Suffic...

Being self-reliant and self-sufficient is one of the most important characteristics any person should develop. And the best time to nurture this ability is right from childhood. Raising a self-sufficient kid is no easy task. But with a few simple steps, you can make sure you set your child on the right path. In this article, we aim to delve into 10 simple tips that can help you raise your kid to be self-sufficient and self-reliant.

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What Parents Should Know When Considerin...

We face various kinds of changes and challenges at different facets of our lives. Being prepared and adjusting to the change is what helps us move forward. For a child, one of the biggest and possibly unsettling changes that they may face in their young lives would be a school change.

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Effective Ways to Improve Memory & Conce...

Memory and concentration are pivotal for children as it is a growing age and their whole future and career revolve around it. Technology has shortened the attention span of children as well as adults’ considerably. Both the categories find it hard to focus on something for more than a couple of minutes or an hour. However, there are several ways of tackling it.

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How to Improve Collaboration, Communicat...

The values that children of today learn from their previous generations are what makes them civic citizens of tomorrow. Be it from home or school, children imbibe the learnings that their surroundings have to offer. Suffice to say, the onus is on parents and teachers to ensure children are moulded into well rounded human beings.

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How to Develop the Quality of Rationalit...

The children of today are more developed than previous generations in all aspects of life. Their curiosity for learning, their ability to absorb information on a much bigger scale and their reasoning skills are far more advanced than their predecessors.

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Effective Relaxation Exercises for Stude...

Relaxation techniques are highly effective to cope with stress. It is more than just having fun or doing something you enjoy. Relaxation is a strategy for minimising stress’s detrimental effects on the mind and body. Students face stress and competitions while taking challenging classes, in their extracurricular participation, preparing for higher studies, and making life-changing decisions for their future. They also have to navigate through social challenges inherent to schooling. Handling more workload, making friends, and being

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Team Building Games To Improve Critical...

Students can use team-building activities to enhance critical thinking abilities that will help them succeed in the modern workplace. Teamwork-oriented students (and future employers!) are more motivated and creative. We all know how much students like working in groups. Why not turn it into a game? While brain training activities can be used to assist kids to develop lateral thinking, games are usually a superior solution. Try them out in your classrooms to help students think critically and collaborate more effectively.

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Why Adequate Sleep Is Important For Stud...

Life of a student is riddled with assignments, examinations, classes, tuition, extracurricular activities, homework, etc. In the midst of it all, it might seem like there aren’t enough hours in a day to complete everything and still have time to relax with friends and family. The mounting due dates can make any student wonder how they can find more time, which inadvertently prompts them to satisfy the only remaining time they have – i.e., the time to sleep. Sacrificing sleep might seem like the only way to manage their student life, but the repercussions of not getting enough sleep during night is manifold. Let us try to examine why adequate sleep is important for students in this article.

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Why Teaching Financial Literacy An Impor...

Young children do not learn important lessons unless they are properly taught to them. They need to learn how to manage money from a young age. With the world’s dynamics changing at such a rapid pace, financial literacy for young children is becoming an increasingly important aspect of life. Teenagers are always eager to live a luxurious lifestyle on their earnings, and they are eager to stand on their own two feet and use their money to do so. Financial literacy for children includes not only spending money wisely but also the practice of saving or investing.

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Teaching Children the Difference Between...

Children are innocent souls who require proper guidance and role models in their lives. While they have good intentions, they frequently fail to see the big picture and make decisions that are both inefficient and unnecessary. There is often a lack of vision and clarity, particularly when it comes to distinguishing between what is necessary and what is driven by desire. In such cases, parents must intervene and assist their children in prioritising what they need over what they want.

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In-depth Analysis of Transdisciplinary A...

Approaches to teaching and learning that are transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary provide opportunities to approach the same subject from various discipline viewpoints. So let’s talk about what transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches are in detail.

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Child-Centric Approach of Activity-Based...

The methodologies of education are changing worldwide. More than ever, education is evolving at a rapid pace trying to catch up with the needs and demands of today’s generation’s needs for physical, emotional, and intellectual growth. ABL (Activity-Based Learning. is one of the most popularly pursued methods of learning worldwide. If you are wondering how ABL works and what makes it so popular, we are here with all the answers for you!. Let’s get started on our ABL knowledge!

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Effective Ways to Prepare Kids For the M...

Nature comes to life during the monsoon season, and as much as we enjoy the rainy season, it does present its own set of challenges, especially if you have a child at home to protect. Here are some tips to help your child avoid infections and stay healthy while having a great time.

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Competitiveness in Education: Good or Ba...

Competition in schools is an issue that teachers and parents feel very strongly about. Some think it’s bad because it hurts students’ self-esteem and worries them more about school. Then some think it is not only good for students but also crucial to their education. But if you look closely and think about it, you might find that school competition has both good and bad sides.

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What are the different parenting styles,...

Parenting styles are not a newly derived concept. It has a very important role in the character development of a child and how they reflect themselves in society.

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How Can You Promote Language Development...

A child’s brain develops rapidly in the first three years of life. This period is when children are most receptive to new experiences and are at their peak for learning a new language. By exposing your child to new things and activities, you can stimulate their language development. Including your child in daily activities also helps to promote their language skills, as they will be exposed to more language throughout the day instead of just once or twice a week. Activities like reading books together, singing songs, playing board games, and spending time outside all help develop children’s vocabulary and verbal communication skills. Engaging your child in stimulating activities can positively impact their language skills. Here are some tips that might help you promote language development in your child:

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How to Teach the Digital Generation?

We often hear people talk about their toddlers and how well they are equipped to deal with smart devices. They learn, grasp, and comprehend the learning of such devices effortlessly. The kids these days have their lives revolved around screens, information, and speed. The students of the 21st generation can be called digital learners or digital generation. Smartphones and computers are no longer luxury assets. This has accounted for the widespread usage of these devices. Children are now subjected to a lot of information at their fingertips, which apparently can be positive or negative. Only a good guide will help them understand the difference between the good and the bad of the available information. Teachers and parents have to be collectively responsible for letting them learn how to process the information imbibed.

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How Can We Help Kids Cope With ‘eco-Anxi...

Anxiety is a common problem among both children and adults. It was only anxiety about one’s future, education, dreams, and goals. Although eco-anxiety is a long-existing phenomenon, it became widely apparent a couple of decades ago. Media reports have an undeniable role in elevating eco-anxiety among people.

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How to Maintain a Positive Mindset in th...

Having a positive mindset in the classroom can do wonders for tuning out the children as wonderful human beings. Embracing this concept in the lower classes can help define the character and thought process of an individual. Teachers hold a major role, or part to play, as students have a very limited amount of exposure to consider their role models after their parents.

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How Can You Understand The Brain Of A Te...

Teenagers are insightful, funny, caring, and interesting people. But they can also be moody, self-conscious, and anxious. Their teenage brain is going through a lot of changes, which means their emotions are on overdrive! Teenagers have the highest risk of developing anxiety and depression at this time in their lives due to their changing brain chemistry and the pressures from school, social media, and parents. The good news is that we can help them cope with the challenges by understanding more about how the teen brain works. This blog post explores why teenagers act the way they do and what you can do to support them. With this knowledge, you’ll understand your teenager better as well as know how best to help them succeed in life.

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How To Identify Your Child’s Primary Lea...

A learning style is how individuals process and take in information, usually through one or more of the five senses. Recognizing your child’s primary learning style will help you create a customized schooling plan that best caters to his or her needs and interests. A child’s learning style impacts their ability to retain information, pay attention during lectures, listen to another person speaking, and many other skills they will need throughout their academic career and beyond. Good news! There are numerous ways to identify your child’s primary learning style. You can confirm this by using different strategies and seeing which one stands out as their dominant preference. Read on for our top tips for identifying your child’s primary learning style.

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How To Help Kids Make Use Of Free Digita...

Creativity is indeed something that has to be cherished by an individual from a very young age. The generation of new ideas shows how children engage their time and use their brains for fruitful activities. It definitely helps the child to focus and be more thoughtful of their actions and also shows how they perceive things around them and also how they frame solutions on their own.

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A Practical Guide to Effective Parenting

Parenting is not an easy task, and it will never get easier as the years pass by. Every parent has their own unique challenges, and parenting an older child can be particularly trying. This article contains valuable information on what’s expected of parents as they raise their children. If you are wondering how to raise a healthy, happy, and well-mannered child, read on for practical tips that can help you become a better parent.

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Why Are Life Skills Development Activiti...

Education no longer just revolves around books and exams. Critical thinking and understanding situations in order to apply appropriate solutions are now a must in this modern world. It gives the child courage and confidence in their decision-making and a definite amount of strength to deal with difficult situations that life throws at them. Educational institutions and curricula are changing to adapt to such requirements, which is why it became necessary to imbibe life skills and communicate the same to the students. Here we are trying to scrutinize the different possibilities that life skills education can put on the table.

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Ways to Inspire Your Child Towards Succe...

The world is growing to be highly competitive, and it demands that children and even adults hone their techniques and skills to match the competition that has been put forth by their peers and communities. When we talk about learning in children, we all tend to easily relate to academic progress, but that is not just what is needed to survive. The learning that has to be imparted to children should be able to develop them as smart individuals who are emotionally competent with their peers. The student’s overall learning is complete when he or she is able to comprehend ideas, walk themselves through the required solutions, ask questions, and seek assistance when needed to aid in their growth. If you feel learning is only something that revolves around textbook learning, then this blog will surely enlighten you with the different perspectives of learning and how to use them to ensure your child’s growth, development, and success.

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How Experiential Learning Prepares Stude...

How Experiential Learning Prepares Students For a World Outside the Classroom

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Play-Based Education To Shape Your Kid’s...

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Blending Freedom And Discipline In The M...

Blending Freedom And Discipline In The Montessori Classroom

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Importance of STEAM Education in High Sc...

The child’s education is a confusing arena for most parents. The stream they choose will decide how their future is going to be.

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How to Maintain a Positive Mindset in th...

Having a positive mindset in the classroom can do wonders for tuning out the children as wonderful human beings.

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